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Frequently asked Questions:

  • What is your Privacy Policy?

We do not keep, and will never share your personal information with any third party! We do our best to maintain a safe space for our community to shop and interact. We like to keep our personal info private, and we do the same for you!

  • Some of my payment / shipping info Auto Filled!?!?

We do not keep your personal information, but it is possible for your information to auto-fill during checkout. This is most likely an option in your web browser settings. You can delete your internet 'cookies', and change your 'payment method' or 'Auto-Complete' settings.

  • When is my card charged?

Your card will be charged immediately after you complete your checkout, so make sure your cart is filled only with the most bedazzling things before you commit.

  • What's with these shipping options?

Shipping price is based on the the weight and size of your order compared to our available shipping packages. Each item in our store has a weight\size value. After each item in your cart is added up, the system figures out for you which option is appropriate and automatically selects it. If during checkout you decide to change your order, the weight value will change and you will be notified if your shipping option changes.

  • Can I shop in person?

Absolutely YES! We opened our Brick and Mortar in beautiful downtown Molalla Oregon January 03, 2020

  • My order never arrived!

Check your email for tracking. As soon as your package is ready to ship, you will receive and email with a link to your tracking info so you can keep tabs on where it's at! If your shipment has any issues they will be displayed there. If that doesn't work, send us an email and we'll help you out.

  • My order arrived incomplete!
Whatever you do, don't freak out! It's very unusual, but still possible that we got carried away in the music as we packaged your items. If we made a mistake, take a deep breath, and then write us a strongly worded email (, or send us a private message on our Facebook page. We want to leave you satisfied and smiling, give a chance to make it right!