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Pit Viper The Mystery (Double Wides)

ParLi Boutique

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Pit Viper The Mystery (Double Wides)
  • Description

    Before I talk about these black mirrored Pit Viper sunglasses, picture yourself cruising down Highway 86, blasting Whitesnake in the driver's seat of a cherry red ’71 Pantera GTS, Donna to your right. Ronald Reagan basically just pulled a bullet out of his body like a supreme badass while IBM devised the first computer to successfully annihilate the digital universe. And at a drive-through theater in West Maples under a full moon, these rainbow retro sunglasses were birthed. Spawned from a mix of illicit drugs and overwhelming sexual activity, these rainbow Pit Vipers have peripheral UV protection to maximize your viewing pleasure while you scope out hunkies from your penthouse at the Bellagio, with a highly reflective mirrored lens that’s more fractal than taking research chemicals at a sold-out Def Leppard show. And 3-way adjustment points means these babies aren’t coming off your face, ever. Send yourself right back to the glory days.